Validate - Westminster

Thank you for validating. Your vote has been recorded and will count towards the result if you are a registered voter residing within the United Kingdom.

The COVID pandemic originated in Wuhan China and has cost lives and destroyed businesses in the UK. 

Personal ID is required to open bank accounts, to sell your house and to drive a car. Election integrity is the foundation of our democracy.

Data demonstrating Ivermectin as an effective preventative and treatment for COVID has continued to build since the summer of 2020.

Children have been forced to wear masks in school by their teachers and headteachers following guidance issued by HM Government.

The data is in, the pandemic is over and COVID no longer represents a significant threat to public health.

The Holme Valley Parish Council has abandoned maintaining the church clocks in the Holme Valley. Save the church clocks from falling into disrepair!

The Government is developing proposals to introduce 'Vaccine Passports' in the UK without clarifying the purpose and benefit to the public. There has been no mandate from the UK people to introduce 'Vaccine Passports' which will publicise private individual medical information.

Compo's Memorial is coming to the Holme Valley. Where should it be placed? The people of the Holme Valley will decide.

Ramsden Road in the Upper Holme Valley has suffered for too long with anti-social use of off-road motor vehicles. Has the time come to re-categorise this road and prohibit access to motor vehicles?